It has been a long time…

The last post was more than two years ago, and boy that feels like forever ago.

Here are some crazy numbers for you:

6, 15000, 57, 19, 3206, 1461815

6 – years, as of November 2020, that Measure has been around.

15,000 – people that have requested access to Measure since the start

57 – people that donate to Patreon supporting Measure

19 – sales from the Measure swag store

3,206 – page views to the FAQ that explains that we don’t sell your information (and why we don’t just create channels randomly 🙂 )

and the craziest of all: 1,461,815 – number of messages posted

Thank you to everyone that has ever posted a message, read a message and gotten some value or entertainment from it, and anybody that has spread the good word to bring more people to Measure that has made it what it is today.

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Measure Slack is pseudo-famous!

The digital marketing industry is very kind and sharing, as seen by the success to Measure Slack. Over the past few years we have grown almost exclusively via word of mouth and for that we are endlessly grateful, mostly because it has kept me out of the limelight. Which is for the better.

Not long ago I received the chance to be interviewed by the kind folks (okay, just one of them – Tim) at the Digital Analytics Power Hour ( While we have no formal relationship between the two outlets, I like to think of it like a brother/sister type thing. We get along, when we are told to, but secretively we kind of think the other person is way cooler than us.

This is a fun interview that discusses the history of Measure Slack, how it grew, where we are at now, some thoughts about the future, and pain-points at each step.

Nevertheless, here is the interview in a very listener friendly, bite-sized, length of 22:40.

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How It All Started

“The Boy Who Lived.”

From time to time I am asked, “Where did Measure Slack come from?” or “When did Measure Slack start? It sort of came out of nowhere.” The truth is that Measure Slack was a combination of “I wonder if…” and needing a back channel that worked on multiple platforms.


Team Evil Forces

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

Measure Slack has been around for YEARS, but not really on Slack. The first “inkling” of Measure Slack started in March 2011 with a “trouble making” group that jokingly called itself “Team Evil Forces”, and wanted a way to communicate with each other, in a less public way than Twitter. We had all met via the web analytics industry, but considered each other to be friends, and communicated as such.

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We are growing up!

The purpose of #measure Slack is to attract additional genius to the industry and expose folks to the best people out there to help overcome those day to day tough questions.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight!

To join #measure Slack, simply go to:

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