Measure Slack is pseudo-famous!

The digital marketing industry is very kind and sharing, as seen by the success to Measure Slack. Over the past few years we have grown almost exclusively via word of mouth and for that we are endlessly grateful, mostly because it has kept me out of the limelight. Which is for the better.

Not long ago I received the chance to be interviewed by the kind folks (okay, just one of them – Tim) at the Digital Analytics Power Hour ( While we have no formal relationship between the two outlets, I like to think of it like a brother/sister type thing. We get along, when we are told to, but secretively we kind of think the other person is way cooler than us.

This is a fun interview that discusses the history of Measure Slack, how it grew, where we are at now, some thoughts about the future, and pain-points at each step.

Nevertheless, here is the interview in a very listener friendly, bite-sized, length of 22:40.

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