It has been a long time…

The last post was more than two years ago, and boy that feels like forever ago.

Here are some crazy numbers for you:

6, 15000, 57, 19, 3206, 1461815

6 – years, as of November 2020, that Measure has been around.

15,000 – people that have requested access to Measure since the start

57 – people that donate to Patreon supporting Measure

19 – sales from the Measure swag store

3,206 – page views to the FAQ that explains that we don’t sell your information (and why we don’t just create channels randomly đŸ™‚ )

and the craziest of all: 1,461,815 – number of messages posted

Thank you to everyone that has ever posted a message, read a message and gotten some value or entertainment from it, and anybody that has spread the good word to bring more people to Measure that has made it what it is today.

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